8 -Reasons to purchase a Mercury inflatable:
1)The only 10 year warranty on the market.
2)The end cone design, its flat endcone in the 2003 and newer models.  When you see a typical inflatable
accelerate it does a pop-a-wheeley.  Well with the flat end cone when the front of the boat lifts up it pushes the cone
into the water and causes instant plaining off.
3)The front of the mercury bows up to give a dryer ride as opposed to a flat boat that gets very wet when it is
4)The front of the mercury is wider than your typical inflatable that gets very tight in the front.  This design utilizes
every foot of the inflatable allowing passengers to sit in the front.
5)The Amanzi is made out of the hypalon fabric
6)The mercury is an 1100 dinier thickness as compared to the average in the industry of 900.
7)The mercury has the highest capacity for its size, both weight capacity and HP will be higher on the mercury.
Basically the mercury is designed around a dry ride.  The bowed up front, the deep V-keel to raise the front up a
little more, the higher capacity means it floats higher, and the big tubes all equal the driest ride on the water
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